RV Tips: 10 Things for Your RV You Can Find at the Dollar Store

cleaning supplies

Creating a packing list is key to making sure your next family vacation goes smoothly. You do not want to forget anything while you are preparing for your camping trip, and sometimes it can get expensive to make sure you have all of the essentials you need. You should consider checking off some of your list at the dollar store. Check out these ten things you can find at the dollar store that you will need for your next RV camping trip.

Cleaning Supplies

You can find everything from disinfectant wipes to dish soap at the dollar store. Everything you could need for a trip with your RV. Make a list of the cleaning supplies you think you could need and see how much of it you can get at the dollar store.

Dish Towels

You can find dishtowels and hand towels at the dollar store. They will also have oven mitts and pot holders. You can get those things here, so you don’t have to bring your towels from home!



You will find everything from hand soap to cotton swabs at the dollar store. You could find most of the toiletries you would need to make it through your camping trip in the toiletries aisle at the dollar store.

Plastic Containers

The dollar store has a whole aisle dedicated to dishware and plastic containers. You can find containers here to store your leftovers in the fridge or any other number of things you might need to store out of the way in your RV.



You can find things like screwdrivers and other basic tools at the dollar store. It might come in handy to make sure your RV has a small tool kit handy, and you can find those things at the dollar store.


You will find an entire aisle dedicated to toys at the dollar store. You can stock up on glowsticks, puzzles, bubbles, and many more fun toys to keep all the members of your family entertained.


You can find seasonal decorations in the dollar store. They will often have small outdoor or garden decorations or seasonal things you can stick to the walls like hearts for valentines day or any other holiday, depending on when you are traveling. If you would like to spruce up your RV with some minor decorations, consider getting them at the dollar store.

Paper Towels

You can find paper products at the dollar store. Paper towels are a must-have for any camping trip, and there is no need to find them at another store when you can get them at the dollar store. You’ll also find napkins and paper plates if you decide to add those things to your list!


You will find a whole section at the dollar store for snacks and other food. You can stock up on snacks like chips and cookies for everyone going with you on your next camping trip,



If you want to get plastic plates, cups, and bowls for your trip, you can find them at the dollar store. You will find it easy to get everything you need in this aisle. Having plastic dishware will make having meals with your family around the campfire stress-free.

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