RV Lifestyle Tip: 6 Fun Fall Activities for the Campground

Whether you’re camping with kids or looking for some fun ways to spend your time at the campground with your loved one, these RV lifestyle tips are perfect for fall. We’ll help you find quick and easy activities to make your time at the campground fun for everyone! Learn more about these fall camping tips below.

Leaf Peeking

Take a trip around the campground or visit a local park to go leaf peeking! Be sure to get pictures of your favorite trees and individual leaves to remember the occasion!

Fall Fishing

Just because the weather has gotten colder and the leaves have turned doesn’t mean you have to give up fishing. In fact, many fishermen claim that fall is the best time for fishing!

Carve Pumpkins

Head to a local farmer’s market or pumpkin stand and pick out a few carving pumpkins. Whether you have kids or it’s just the two of you, you can enjoy a fun afternoon carving the pumpkins together!

Play Indoors

Rain is a common occurrence during fall camping trips, so be sure to bring along plenty of board games so that you can your crew can keep the fun going even on rainy days!

Take a Long Hike

When the weather is good, gear up and hit the trails! Most National Parks have extensive trails for hiking. You’ll be able to find routes that are an easy stroll for you and the kids or more challenging hikes, whatever suits you the best!

Attend a Festival

Check out local festivals and spend an afternoon enjoying the fall fun! The kids will love attending events like this with hay rides, pumpkins, and all the fall festivities you could dream of!

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