RV Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Getting the best gas mileage on the road is easy when you’re not towing or driving an RV. However, by following a few easy RV tips, you can reduce your fuel consumption and save yourself money on the road this summer. Learn more about these tips for fuel efficiency below.

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Accelerate Slowly

First and foremost, starting and stopping slowly is the best way to save on fuel efficiency, whether you’re towing an RV, driving a motorhome, or driving your personal vehicle. Try to make sure you accelerate slowly, whether stopping at a red light or gaining momentum after taking a turn. Accelerating too quickly causes more fuel to be pumped into the engine and reduces the overall efficiency of the fuel consumption.

Brake Ahead of Time

Similarly, breaking well ahead of time can help to save fuel efficiency, especially if you’re approaching a red light brake slowly and well ahead of time to give your vehicle time to roll to a stop. This can help you in two ways: firstly, because it’s easier on your engine, and secondly, because if you don’t come to a complete stop, then accelerating from a roll will require less fuel

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Pack Light

Another obvious way you can save yourself on fuel consumption is by packing your RV light. When you’re getting ready to head to the campground, take only the necessities, which will help make it easier for your towing vehicle or motorhome on the road.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas

You don’t want to get caught in traffic while towing your fifth wheel, travel trailer, or driving a motorhome; trying to plan your route to avoid high-traffic areas is best. This can help improve your overall fuel efficiency for the trip.

Plan Your Stops

Another great way to save on fuel during your camping trip is by planning your stops well ahead of time. This way, you can avoid traffic jams and other situations that would cause you to waste fuel, like detours.

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