If you’re looking for a great way to get out to the campground with your loved one, these Coachmen RV Clipper Camping Trailers folding pop-up campers for sale at Gerzeny’s RV are the answer. These RVs offer a compact and easy-to-tow option for couples who love to visit the campground. Learn more in this Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers folding camper review.

Find more options for couple’s coaches at Gerzeny’s RV.

2022 Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 12.0TD Max Express

This Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 12.0TD Max Express pop-up camper features a bike door to make it easy to get to your outdoor gear no matter where you are. Now, you can stop on your way to the campground at any park and enjoy a quick bike ride before hitting the road again. You’ll love that the spacious bed gives you and your loved one a great night’s sleep.

Additional Features:

  • Side Bike Door
  • Flex Rod Tech Add-A-Room
  • Rear Entry
  • 54″ x 74″ Bed
  • Sofa

This space is great for couples on the move.

2022 Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 806XLS

This Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 806XLS folding pop-up camper is available for just $128 per month, which makes it an excellent option for anyone just getting into RVing. You’ll love that this unit is lightweight and easy to tow. Additionally, the off-roading tires make it easy to take this camper anywhere you want to go.

Additional Features:

  • Deep Bowl Acrylic Sink (9.0TD V-Package, 12.0TD XL Deluxe, 12.0TD MAX)
  • 2-Burner High Output Range (12.0TD XL Deluxe, 12.0TD MAX)
  • 12V On Demand Water Pump (9.0TD V-Package, 12.0TD XL Deluxe, 12.0TD MAX)
  • DSI 6-Gallon Water Heater (9.0TD V-Package, 12.0TD XL Deluxe, 12.0TD MAX)
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace (N/A 9.0TD Basic)

You won’t have to cook around the campfire thanks to this camp kitchen.

2022 Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 9.0TD Express

Get everything you need for nights away at your favorite campgrounds in the Coachmen Clipper Camping Trailers 9.0TD Express pop-up camper. This model features a 54″ x 74″ bed, so you and your partner will have plenty of space to rest. Additionally, there’s TV prep, so you can easily hook up a TV to watch movies before drifting off to sleep.

Additional Features:

  • Flex-Rod Tech Add-A-Room
  • Rear Entry
  • Full Bed
  • Countertop

You’ll love having this bed to rest in for the night.

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